What is Team Clean?

Team Clean takes a holistic approach to residential and commercial cleaning. Using only environmentally conscious, non toxic, biodegradable products and methods, our “Teamsters” (as we like to call them) will leave your home/studio/work space sparkling clean. We offer a spring-cleaning like approach to our clients, going above and beyond what you can do on your own. Under, over, between, behind, above: it’s all included! Team Clean is fully insured and licensed.

Team Clean also brings all their own products and tools! We use a wide variety of natural cleaning product lines such as Seventh Generation, Sodasan, Bon Ami, Vermont Soap, Ecover, and Citra-Solv. We even make a few special products ourselves! We get creative with ordinary stuff to like vinegar, baking soda and essential oils. Team Clean is also zero waste!  The Teamsters use microfiber cloths instead of paper towels. Our goal is to get everyone’s home as clean as possible and be 100% natural and biodegradable in the process. Making your home chemical free and keeping it safe for grown-ups, babies and pets!

Who is Team Clean?

Candace Mills has been in the green cleaning business since 2002. As the founder of Memphis, TN’s first green cleaning company, 2 Chicks and a Broom, Mills honed her green chops whilst figuring out the how’s and why’s before there were any other green cleaning businesses on the scene. She was inspired by the pals that joined her business, touring musicians and artists of all mediums. Those folks with the flexibility to pursue their calling whilst also knowing their job was there when they returned from the tour or project made all the difference! A healthy work environment is the making of a happy cleaner.

“The reason we are green is that we don’t want to add any more toxicity to the environment. We are actually removing toxins and being minimalistic in the products we use in the space”- Candace Mills.

Candace sold Two Chicks and a Broom in 2007 and moved to NYC in 2008. After selling the business she thought her cleaning business days were fading into the past. Not so fast! Her calling was clear and Team Clean NYC was created in 2010, in a blowup pool in a backyard in Greenpoint BK, naturally. She missed having a business that nurtured its clients as well as offered a healthy environment for workers. And Team Clean NYC does just that. The Teamsters are artists, musicians and other creative people who crave flexibility and have a knack for cleaning. Team Clean NYC is bringing artful sustainability to the world of housekeeping.

Here comes 2018 and Candace now operates branches of Team Clean in Nashville, TN as well as her hometown, Memphis, TN. Hooray! Bringing it all back full circle to her TN roots feels really good. NYC and TN, lucky you.

Pricing Info

Team Clean charges hourly and per Teamster, with a two-hour minimum charge.

Each client is interviewed and provided with an estimate before we start so that we can tailor our mindful, common sense cleaning style to meet their needs.

Please contact us for a free estimate:

7188665954 for NYC and 9012626610 for Memphis and Nashville

NY email: teamcleannyc@gmail.com

Memphis email:  teamcleanmemphis@gmail.com

Nashville email:  1teamcleannashville@gmail.com 

Toxic Avengers: Team Clean Holistic House Cleaning Services

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The Jewish Mother’s Guide to Style: Team Clean

“Passionate and anal compulsive, Team Clean caters to ridding you of your sense of ‘ick’. Toxins of all kinds have no place in a clean environment according to co-owner Candace Mills, who recently explained Team Clean’s process to me in an impromptu visit she made to the Jewcy HQ.  After starting her business only a few weeks ago, Candace had just finished cleaning her first client’s home in New York after seven years of owning and operating Two Chicks and a Broom in Memphis, TN.”
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January 18, 2019

Your home is a reflection of yourself…..AMIRITE!


Good day, TC fans.  Do you remember that time in 1999 when Ikea was coming to America?  No?  Well, if you don’t, besides 1999 being a really excellent Prince song and a really fun NYE to celebrate, this year was a big one for the home.  Our homes were in a transition, philosophically speaking.  Homes were already on a trajectory to go beyond an untouched showroom from the midcentury onwards to a more livable, comfortable, place.  I say this in thinking about my own experience in walking through homes, and noticing that the front sitting room that NO ONE hung out in started disappearing.  They do seem quite antiquated, don’t they?  And, with Ikea coming to America, more folks could afford to make their home stylish and sleek without gouging on some Design Within Reach furniture or super splurging on the real deal architectural and utilitarian designs that are true works of art.  Folks could stop being so precious with their homes, in a way.  Ikea has smart design, a lot of it can last, and those aesthetically pleasing shapes, textures and colors feel really good.  Sustainability of the heart and mind has a monetary value.  Fast forward to NOW and we’ve got an Ikea in several corners of this country.  The current challenge is to not buy more than we need.  We can do this.

Making a home efficient and inviting, free of pretension and full of warmth is worth the time, folks.  And don’t sniff at downsizing.  Moving to NYC was the great downsize in my life.  Now, being back in Tennessee, I can breathe and see what truly needed for myself.  My partner and I had our first child several weeks ago.  This little one has certainly breathed even more life into our days.  Enjoying our home, having a good system that helps us keep the home in an order that is user-friendly, and keeping everything clean with non-toxic and earth-friendly methods is paramount.  I mean……AMIRITE!

Cedar Hill Homestead

This is where Team Clean Nashville and Team Clean Memphis get their plant-based cleaning products

Seventh Generation

The leading brand of green cleaning products, dish soap, and more


Socially responsible washing and cleaning products

Dr. Bronner’s

Makers of the best selling Certified Organic and Fair Trade Personal Care


High-quality cleaning and personal care products


Makers of non toxic, environmentally safe paints, finishes and household cleaners

Green Depot

Green products and green building materials for homeowners and professionals

Grow NYC

Greenmarket Farmers Markets

WXNA out of Nashville, TN!

WFMU out of NJ!

Friends of Tom

The official website of Tom Scharpling’s THE BEST SHOW ON WFMU

Duke’s Nashville

Our favorite watering hole in Nashville, TN!

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